Find a Leader

“Find a leader.  If you can’t find one, be one.”

Those were the words of Chief Crazy Horse, spoken to his sons.  If we study history, we see that we’ve had leaders who caused their nations to be exalted, and we’ve had leaders who caused their nations to be destroyed.

The difference is that those who exalt a nation are men of wisdom, without guile.  As it states in two separate verses of Proverbs: “righteousness exalts a nation… but when the wicked rule, the people mourn.”

Today, we have reason to mourn because of what we perceive to be our leaders.  In the last six to seven decades, this nation has gone down in the prestige and respect of other nations.  America, like the American dollar, was once the highlight of the world.  That is why it drew so many people from so many countries, to come to America where they could dream and work to achieve that dream.

Presently, we see that dream slowly but surely turning into the nightmare that comes with socialism and its ideas.  We are cursed with self-righteous leaders who believe they have the answers and don’t need to tune in to an almighty God who is the wellspring of Truth and wisdom.

The greatest curse that can befall a nation is the inability to recognize leadership, I mean good leadership.  Today we have more history to rely on to guide us than all generations before us, yet we totally ignore all of the wisdom that has guided this nation for so many years… wisdom that maintained a level of sanity within humanity.

Today we seem to want to stoop to the lowest level of humanity, which will bring with it the consequences of destruction that have befallen those nations who chose leadership not in tune with Creation nor with the Creator.

The only hope we have is to humble ourselves before our Creator and beg forgiveness for our folly and dedicate ourselves to the cause that ennobled this nation in its conception.

Truth is but one.  And the road to Truth is narrow.  There are no deviations, for all deviation leads to destruction.

Our nation is on the wide path to destruction, and quite frankly, I don’t think we’ll straighten things out until calamity hits.  That’s when great men come to the fore.  We owe it to those who went before us, and those who will come after us, to commit ourselves totally to that cause which ennobles a nation.  ~ Ed De Boer

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