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Friday, October 30th, 2009

Ed brought all of our woes down to EARTH with this essay from the August 9, 2008 broadcast of “Return to Eden”:

Overcoming Darkness.
Overcoming Evil.
Overcoming Illness.

The same law functions in all three of them.

When you ask the question, “How do you banish darkness?” you get the answer, “I don’t know.” And every once in a while you’ll meet somebody with a spark who says, “With light!” That is the correct answer… and there is no other way. We can banish darkness, but we cannot destroy it. It can only be evident when there is no light.

How do you banish evil? Practically all people will say, “By resisting it.” And it can only be overcome by good, because evil can only exist when good is absent. Edmund Burke said, “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is that good men do nothing.” There are a lot of good men, but if they do nothing, they’re GOOD for nothing.

How can we overcome illness? Illness can only be overcome by health. So, as long as somebody protects his health, he can banish illness. If you neglect your health, the consequence is illness.

The use of antibiotics is expanding while illness is increasing. Antibiotics are like a mule. A mule is an animal without pride of ancestry nor hope of progeny. It is useful for a period, and then it dies.

Fire will also overcome darkness, but once everything is burned, there won’t be anymore fire, and we’ll have darkness again. When you resist evil there comes a point when you are going to be realizing that you can’t do it… it can’t be cone by fighting, because your resisting evil is working just like the fire, and the same thing with illness. You can overcome it with health, not antibiotics. They are just like the fire when you are trying to banish darkness.

Illness, or pathogens, can only be overcome with probiotics. When we start using probiotics — the opposite of antibiotics, or pathogens — we will see disease diminishing, and we will not suffer the ravages of the pathogens like we do today in all the institutions of healing, with infections for which there is no cure.

Before acting upon a problem, we have to know what to do. That’s why our Congress has nothing but problems, because they think they can solve everything by doing it their way, and then instead of curing the problem, they have made it increase 100-fold. We have put our faith in politics and science, and between the two of them, they have pretty well wrecked this nation.

The evangelists try mass conversions. I knew an old gentleman who did some evangelizing, and at one point he told me he had saved 4,700 people. Then he asked me how many I had saved. I told him, “Man, I can’t even save myself.”

There’s a tendency in people to raise themselves above everybody. You invite the wrath of God if you do that, because He doesn’t want any rivals.

There is an electrical force which is enveloping the entire Earth. It is a life force. If it ever ceased to be active, and turned neutral, what would happen to the Earth? I believe it would stop rotating and orbiting, and would sink into the eternal abyss.

Negative forces will only evidence themselves when there is no positive. What do you have in the absence of health? You have illness, a negative force. Pathogens are a negative force. Probiotics are a positive, life-giving force.

It takes only one quart of a probiotic per acre to restore healthy activity, whereas for the last 60 years we have used innumerable quarts of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, which are now becoming ineffective… and the cost will always be prohibitive.

Due to our misunderstanding and our ignorance of natural law, we have created problems that are seriously threatening world food supplies as well as world health. Once we understand that we should return to being in harmony with natural law, we’ll be able to resolve our critical soil problems as well as our illness problems, not to mention evil, sadness, hatred and every other negative on Earth. We must FIRST HEAL THE SOIL.

~ Ed De Boer

We Think We’re Right

Saturday, October 24th, 2009

Here is another timeless commenatary, this time from June, 2007:

We can’t see the forest for the trees.

We can’t see the cause for the consequences.

Once we take time to study the situation, we will come to the conclusion that something is causing all these unintended consequences… since nothing happens without a cause.

Once upon a time, the Earth was pristine. Then men started to multiply, and at that time our problems started and have increased ever since. Is it because men did what was right, or did every man do what he thought was right in his own eyes? Those who think they are right are self-righteous, which is an abomination to God.

Those who seek to do right recognize that there is a higher authority which cannot deceive men. Those who think they are right consider themselves “the authority,” which is self-delusion, the consequences of which we are suffering today.

It all started with the soil. The destruction of the soil. “A nation that destroys its soils destroys itself,” said Franklin Roosevelt.

Depleted soils can only produce inferior crops which are incapable of yielding properly balanced nutrition. This causes deficiencies and illness in man and beast, which brings on the pharmaceutical industry to try and remedy suffering in people and animals.

An attempt to remedy soil depletion brought on chemical fertilizer application, which in turn brought on the insect infestation of the last half-century. These consequences have been treated by applying pesticides to eliminate the pest insects (which is not all that successful, since we are now using 50-60 times the amount of pesticides we did 50 years ago). So-called “petrochemical remediation” has vastly contributed to the degradation of our soils, our crops, our health and our environment. We did it. We did it because we thought we were right.

There are two kinds of people: those who think they are right, and those who know what is right. Those who think they are right have brought us to where we are today, because those who know what is right held their peace.

“All that is necessary for evil to triumph is that good men do nothing,” said Edmund Burke… in the 1700’s. If he only knew how right he was. This nation is on the brink of disaster thanks to those who call themselves Christians, and all they do is talk about it. In the book of James it says, “Faith without works is dead.” And he wasn’t just talking.

Matthew 5:19 states, “Therefore, whosoever shall break one of these least commandments and shall teach men so, he shall be called least in the kingdom of heaven; whosoever shall do and teach them the same shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven.” Which camp are you in? I’m not judging, I’m just asking you to ask yourself.

Those who think they’re right are fools. Those who know and do what is right are wise. We have a choice. We can either be led by fools or wise men.

Those who think they’re right cannot be educated. They are intolerant of those who know what is right.

Those who think they are right are not only closed to education, but to growing and expanding. They have stopped progressing… instead they’re regressing, since there is no static existence. They’re suffering from mental laziness & self-righteousness, on the way to where they need nobody’s help to arrive.

Life is a challenge, a never-ending conquest for perfection, which no man can, or will, ever achieve. But that’s no excuse for not trying.

“Where there is no progress, there is regression.”
~ Ed De Boer

How Long?

Monday, October 19th, 2009

This essay was written for Ed De Boer’s radio program airing September 8, 2007.  At the time, he was in the midst of trying to arrange a meeting with a government entity whose job is to regulate pesticides.  Ed’s opinion was that it would make more sense to ELIMINATE pesticides.  In reading this, you can sense his passion and frustration:

What you see is not what you get.  For many decades, we consumers have been bombarded with commercials telling us about the miracles of modern science solving all our problems.  Well, let us look at the results… with pesticide use up 50 times since then, we now have about 50 times the insects and bugs eating our crops.  What the bugs don’t eat, the mildew will.  Even our soils are infested with grubs that feed on the roots.

It would be interesting and educational to know how many billions of dollars have been spent in order to solve these problems, while instead these problems have grown exponentially.

How long, America?  How long will you indulge in this folly?  Why is this happening?  Simply because we — or rather, the scientists and the researchers — did not discern the cause.  All they have done so far is treat the symptoms, which have also grown exponentially, while the consumers believe in them and faithfully do what they were told by the experts.

An enormous industry has been created to supply us with the miracles of modern science, even though they know very well that their contributions to today’s problems are totally ineffective and are not working.  They spend untold millions of dollars attempting to convince the consumer that theirs is the answer, since doing what is right — finding the cause — would put them out of business.

Their actions have brought on far more serious consequences than that — the destruction of the beneficial soil life — while producing crops that are laden with chemicals and toxins, which by now have created serious health problems in our society… problems like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, autism, obesity, osteoporosis and many other exotic ailments… which in turn created an industry of illness care and pharmaceuticals to the tune of 16% of GDP… which in turn bring on side-effects and the need to overcome those with additional pharmaceuticals, ad infinitum.

All we need to do is put our faith in God, God’s laws and God’s creation, and illness will virtually disappear, prosperity will reign.

Pesticides and pharmaceuticals are not ever necessary when we adhere to the natural laws, laws that have never changed.  Only man has changed, and in his folly he thought he could improve on nature with the result that we slowly, but surely, are destroying our environment as well as the general health of our people, at the price of untold billions for petrochemical remediation, and trillions of dollars for illness care… all this while claiming to be “One Nation Under God,” totally committed to the ever-shrinking dollar.

God Bless America.

~ Ed De Boer

The Feast

Friday, October 16th, 2009

Ed flexed his powers of prognostication with this November 10, 2008 essay. This was an “alternate” radio commentary which was never aired and is published here for the first time.

The mules are dying.

The day of the vulture and the blowfly is here.

The mule, a product of misogyny, has no pride of ancestry nor hope of progeny. It has from 20 to 30 years of life, as does any economy that is part free-enterprise and part government.

“There is a way that seems right unto a man, but the end thereof is death.” In today’s vernacular, this means that if it is in violation of the laws of nature, it has no integrity, no stability and no beauty. This holds true for all violations of nature’s laws.

History is replete with the hubris of mankind, and it is stark testimony to human stupidity, a condition that is expanding with increased public education. As of now, stupidity is a global contest where all nations seem to vie for the world championship. It only proves that even if the entire world believes the lie, it still will not become the Truth.

Just weeks ago, the vultures and the blowfly were feasting… feasting on the carcasses on Wall Street. However, that was just an appetizer. Washington and Wall Street are planning for the main course, and it will be at least a seven-course dinner for the vultures and the blowfly. After that, they will sit down for dessert. I don’t think there will be enough there for an after-dinner drink and a cigar. Meanwhile, we all still have to eat, and for those of us who have a farm or garden, there will be food. So don’t panic, start a garden and go organic.

~ Ed De Boer

E Pluribus Taxes (Out of Many, Taxes)

Saturday, October 10th, 2009

Here’s more commentary from Ed’s archives, dated January 7, 2008.

“If all mankind were to disappear, the world would regenerate back to the rich state of equilibrium that existed 10,000 years ago. If insects were to vanish, the environment would collapse into chaos.” ~ Edward O. Wilson

“I would feel more optimistic about a bright future for man if he spent less time proving that he can outwit Nature and more time tasting her sweetness and respecting her seniority.”
~ E.B. White

How can somebody say that? Well, these are the words of men of understanding… men who obviously recognized the work of the Creator.

The Creator endowed free agency to only one species — Homo sapien. All the rest of creation are bound to the program that was instilled in them by their Creator. They cannot mess up, while the other, Homo sapien — or man — can mess up and does it to the extent that he engineers his own destruction.

Some two and a half centuries ago, a group of men decided that, being on a new continent, they would not be ruled by kings from the world they left for this land. They believed that all men were created equal, that they established on this continent a government from the ground up, and not from the top down. They recognized and respected their Creator, and the nation they founded became the magnet which drew men and women from all continents to this one, where men could breathe free. E Pluribus Unum.

Now, 230-some years later, what has happened? Our founding fathers rejected taxation without representation… taxation of just three percent. Today we have taxation with representation at the excess of 40 percent and rising. With the interest, it’s well over 50 percent, and then comes inflation, the most insidious tax of them all. Even your Social Security, which has been withheld from your paycheck… the government borrowed it and spent it. How can they replenish it? With your taxes, of course!

So, you get to pay twice to get back once.

The government can do a lot, but it cannot make money. It can counterfeit and spend money, and someday soon you will learn that they can spend and counterfeit faster than you can earn it. America is number-one in cancer and number-one in diabetes. Her genetically modified crops are rejected by the world. Her government talks about health care while it is actively involved in the destruction of our national health by pushing a nutritional program that is destroying our children. They are destroying our physical health as well as our mental health. It consumes 16% of our GDP and is projected to be 20% by 2016… and I fear it will be coming about by 2013.

How long will we keep hallucinating and deluding ourselves? When will we start to realize that the Greek philosopher was right? And I quote: “It has been said that men think as a herd, act as a herd, run mad as a herd, only to return to sanity — slowly — and then one-by-one.” ~ Ed De Boer

Fairy Tales

Monday, October 5th, 2009

Here is more of the timeless wisdom of Mr. Ed De Boer, first presented on the “Return to Eden” radio program on December 20, 2008:

Like in the old Sinatra song, fairy tales do come true, and it can happen to you when you’re young at heart.

I remember when our daughter was 6 or 7 years old and she lost a tooth. The next morning she found money under her pillow. She was told that the Tooth Fairy had put it there. Then she informed her mother that the Tooth Fairy had left her some money, and she asked, “What are you going to give me?” Her mother responded, somewhat rhetorically, “Who do you think the Tooth Fairy is?” And my daughter answered, “I guess you’re going to tell me that there’s no Santa Claus, either!”

I love the innocence of children. When I was a child, I thought as a child. But I’m a child no more, and I had to put away childish things… because I was confronted with a world of reality. The problem today is that too many people are still in their dream years. They still believe in the sweet-talk of politicians. That seems rather unrealistic in today’s world, but it’s what we are confronted with.

It all boils down to education. If we don’t educate ourselves as we grow up, reality will be our teacher. It is far more satisfactory for us to educate ourselves and learn to be grounded in the Truth, because once you know the Truth, it is much more difficult to be fooled. Only when we know the Truth can we educate ourselves to the point where we understand how this world functions. We’ll come to understand that only with integrity can we have stability.

We have not seen any integrity of late. It seems to have departed the scene years ago… and stability vanished right along with it. The result is that there is no beauty, only ugliness, fear and despair. Now we are confronted with a world of harsh realities… not one of dreams, but a world of nightmares, and we have to learn to deal with those.

There are several ways to proceed:

  1. We can ignore them, but that’s no option.
  2. Fearing them is foolish,
  3. The only option left is to confront our nightmares.

We all must exercise that option and ask ourselves the question: “What is causing the problems facing us today?” And: “How do we overcome them?”

I’m not inclined to tell anybody what to do, but I have some suggestions. First off, we need to keep a cool head. We must not overemphasize our problems, but concentrate on the solutions.

There is no problem so great that there is no solution. As a matter of fact, the most complicated problems can be overcome by simple solutions. So, the answer is in simplicity. We have to first learn what works. Once we know what works, all we need to do is implement it. And once we see the results, we’ll realize that life is supposed to be simple, because that is how it was intended.

Once we learn to deal with the simplicity of Truth, we’ll begin to see the results. Once we see the results, we will enjoy the benefits, and with it we will reclaim integrity and stability… not just for ourselves, but for our children and their children’s children. We can truly leave a world to them which is a better world than we found. We’ve tried everything else… and as Winston Churchill said, “You can trust the Americans to do the right thing, once they have exhausted all other means.”

I’ve told you the means. Now, do the right thing. It’s up to you, and no one else. ~ Ed De Boer