How Long?

This essay was written for Ed De Boer’s radio program airing September 8, 2007.  At the time, he was in the midst of trying to arrange a meeting with a government entity whose job is to regulate pesticides.  Ed’s opinion was that it would make more sense to ELIMINATE pesticides.  In reading this, you can sense his passion and frustration:

What you see is not what you get.  For many decades, we consumers have been bombarded with commercials telling us about the miracles of modern science solving all our problems.  Well, let us look at the results… with pesticide use up 50 times since then, we now have about 50 times the insects and bugs eating our crops.  What the bugs don’t eat, the mildew will.  Even our soils are infested with grubs that feed on the roots.

It would be interesting and educational to know how many billions of dollars have been spent in order to solve these problems, while instead these problems have grown exponentially.

How long, America?  How long will you indulge in this folly?  Why is this happening?  Simply because we — or rather, the scientists and the researchers — did not discern the cause.  All they have done so far is treat the symptoms, which have also grown exponentially, while the consumers believe in them and faithfully do what they were told by the experts.

An enormous industry has been created to supply us with the miracles of modern science, even though they know very well that their contributions to today’s problems are totally ineffective and are not working.  They spend untold millions of dollars attempting to convince the consumer that theirs is the answer, since doing what is right — finding the cause — would put them out of business.

Their actions have brought on far more serious consequences than that — the destruction of the beneficial soil life — while producing crops that are laden with chemicals and toxins, which by now have created serious health problems in our society… problems like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, autism, obesity, osteoporosis and many other exotic ailments… which in turn created an industry of illness care and pharmaceuticals to the tune of 16% of GDP… which in turn bring on side-effects and the need to overcome those with additional pharmaceuticals, ad infinitum.

All we need to do is put our faith in God, God’s laws and God’s creation, and illness will virtually disappear, prosperity will reign.

Pesticides and pharmaceuticals are not ever necessary when we adhere to the natural laws, laws that have never changed.  Only man has changed, and in his folly he thought he could improve on nature with the result that we slowly, but surely, are destroying our environment as well as the general health of our people, at the price of untold billions for petrochemical remediation, and trillions of dollars for illness care… all this while claiming to be “One Nation Under God,” totally committed to the ever-shrinking dollar.

God Bless America.

~ Ed De Boer

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