Ed brought all of our woes down to EARTH with this essay from the August 9, 2008 broadcast of “Return to Eden”:

Overcoming Darkness.
Overcoming Evil.
Overcoming Illness.

The same law functions in all three of them.

When you ask the question, “How do you banish darkness?” you get the answer, “I don’t know.” And every once in a while you’ll meet somebody with a spark who says, “With light!” That is the correct answer… and there is no other way. We can banish darkness, but we cannot destroy it. It can only be evident when there is no light.

How do you banish evil? Practically all people will say, “By resisting it.” And it can only be overcome by good, because evil can only exist when good is absent. Edmund Burke said, “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is that good men do nothing.” There are a lot of good men, but if they do nothing, they’re GOOD for nothing.

How can we overcome illness? Illness can only be overcome by health. So, as long as somebody protects his health, he can banish illness. If you neglect your health, the consequence is illness.

The use of antibiotics is expanding while illness is increasing. Antibiotics are like a mule. A mule is an animal without pride of ancestry nor hope of progeny. It is useful for a period, and then it dies.

Fire will also overcome darkness, but once everything is burned, there won’t be anymore fire, and we’ll have darkness again. When you resist evil there comes a point when you are going to be realizing that you can’t do it… it can’t be cone by fighting, because your resisting evil is working just like the fire, and the same thing with illness. You can overcome it with health, not antibiotics. They are just like the fire when you are trying to banish darkness.

Illness, or pathogens, can only be overcome with probiotics. When we start using probiotics — the opposite of antibiotics, or pathogens — we will see disease diminishing, and we will not suffer the ravages of the pathogens like we do today in all the institutions of healing, with infections for which there is no cure.

Before acting upon a problem, we have to know what to do. That’s why our Congress has nothing but problems, because they think they can solve everything by doing it their way, and then instead of curing the problem, they have made it increase 100-fold. We have put our faith in politics and science, and between the two of them, they have pretty well wrecked this nation.

The evangelists try mass conversions. I knew an old gentleman who did some evangelizing, and at one point he told me he had saved 4,700 people. Then he asked me how many I had saved. I told him, “Man, I can’t even save myself.”

There’s a tendency in people to raise themselves above everybody. You invite the wrath of God if you do that, because He doesn’t want any rivals.

There is an electrical force which is enveloping the entire Earth. It is a life force. If it ever ceased to be active, and turned neutral, what would happen to the Earth? I believe it would stop rotating and orbiting, and would sink into the eternal abyss.

Negative forces will only evidence themselves when there is no positive. What do you have in the absence of health? You have illness, a negative force. Pathogens are a negative force. Probiotics are a positive, life-giving force.

It takes only one quart of a probiotic per acre to restore healthy activity, whereas for the last 60 years we have used innumerable quarts of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, which are now becoming ineffective… and the cost will always be prohibitive.

Due to our misunderstanding and our ignorance of natural law, we have created problems that are seriously threatening world food supplies as well as world health. Once we understand that we should return to being in harmony with natural law, we’ll be able to resolve our critical soil problems as well as our illness problems, not to mention evil, sadness, hatred and every other negative on Earth. We must FIRST HEAL THE SOIL.

~ Ed De Boer

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