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The more time I spent with the late Ed De Boer, the more I felt he should have his own column.  He was outspoken, prolific and passionate… and I was constantly writing down his words as we met.  I would often help him edit letters to the editor, some of which were published.  “If only Ed had his own column,” I thought, “we’d know it would be puslished, and Ed would thrive as a writer.”  In March of 2003, I cobbled together the following potential column for Ed, based on his observations.  I must have shown it to him, and we must have put the idea on hold … but now that we’re safely in the blogoshphere, I’m free to use my discernment about which of Ed’s writing to add to his blog — his column. ~ Walter Stormont

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By Ed De Boer

Man is the victim of his own thinking.  Any man who thinks he’s right is wrong, but then that makes him human — a natural human being, and that is where his problems start.  Once man accepts that fact, he’s on the road to recovery — when he realizes that life is a game, a serious game of success and failure, life and death.

Someone once said of life, “Those who think they’re getting out of this thing alive are sadly mistaken.”  The main question in life is: how can one play this game successfully?  As with a sporting game, there is but one set of rules by which we play.  No matter what game you’re playing, you have to play by the rules.  If you don’t know the rules, you can still play, but you can’t win.  When you do know the rules of the game, you have to practice.  The more you practice, the better you play.  The better you play, the more you’ll win.

Playing outside of the rules, you’ll not only ruin the game, but you’ll lose — and when you play outside of life’s rules you’ll lose your life’s effort and the future of those who come after you.  To sum it up: you destroy the game, your life and the lives of your progeny.  Death and destruction are your legacy.

To make an impact on society, there’s no need to tell people what you’re against.  It takes little or no effort to be against anything.  Our society is not changed by being against, for it is a negative, it is darkness, and the kingdom of darkness is death.  To be for something requires conviction, commitment, effort, sacrifice, determination and perseverance… qualities not found in natural man.

A man has to change himself before he can change the world.  Even then, he can’t do it alone; he has to look for help, and there is but one side from whence help can come, the only side Who wrote and established the rules of life.  To find that source of help demands humility.  Humility is found when one is on one’s knees.
It is only then that man truly sees the source of Truth and the one and only side of Truth, Light, Love, Grace and Redemption.

“Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.”    ~ Matthew 6:33

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