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Thursday, February 11th, 2010

Ed De Boer was never one to go with the flow, but in March 2003 he sat down with pen in hand and waxed trendy:

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There is no need to explain what constitutes a trend. A trend is started, becomes popular, grows, and if it is beneficial to the overall good of mankind, it will continue for any number of years. If it is not beneficial to all concerned and is in violation of natural law, it will eventually create too many problems, with the end result that it will be abandoned and die a slow death. Slow because, by nature, we are resisting change, so we’ll modify, adjust and tinker until we run out of remedies, and then let it die, only to start a new trend to offset the damage caused by the abandoned trend.

There are trends in every facet of life, for example, fashion trends which change every so often. If you have an ample wardrobe and hang on to your clothes for 20-30 years, they’ll be the new trend. We’re eager to change our clothes, but we resist change in lifestyle.

Many trends are basically harmless. Some are not. Political trends can turn out to be quite devastating. How many times throughout history has man been charmed by the idea of socialism? It has been tried and tried and tried again and again and again, and has failed every time… and it will continue to fail. Only because mankind, by nature, always tends to believe the lie over the Truth.

Any time a trend is based on a false premise it will fail, but before it finally fails, it has been adjusted, reformed, and changed until there is no means left to keep it going, and then it finally drowns in the sea of futility.

They say there are two sides to everything, but saying so does not make it so. It’s like saying there are two sets of rules for every game — you try it and you’ll see it doesn’t work. There is but one side: not my side, not your side, but God’s side. You don’t like it? Tough tabernacles! Legions before you didn’t like it, either. They all lost. They were all typical human beings who were unable to overcome their own human nature. They never knew that, to be free, we are bound to live by the eternal rules established by the eternal Creator and Ruler of the Universe.

Being the master of your soul does not make you equal to the Master of the universe, Who tolerates no equals. That Master is not interested in our doom. He loves all and wants to save all men, but He gave the choice to each individual. He does not demand our lives as a sacrifice, but obedience to His rules and the acceptance of His grace and mercy through His Son, the Savior.

Many are called, but few are chosen. God set the trend (His trend) at the beginning, and it has held to the same ever since. Not one time have we missed one of the seasons of the year. Sunrise and sunset still are at dawn and dusk, and noon is still at midday. All we need to do is pattern our lives after that trend, and things will go as smooth for us. But no. “We would rather do it ourselves.”

He who rules his own soul is stronger than he who conquers a fortress.

~ Ed De Boer