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Abundant Harvest Organics

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

On September 25, 2008, Ed De Boer and I (Walter Stormont) traveled to Kingsburg, California to visit Peterson Family Farms, home of the thriving Abundant Harvest Organics.  Proprietor Vernon Peterson graciously took us on a driving tour of his farm, including a visit with the chickens.  Ed was thrilled about what Vernon was doing… raising food the natural way and being an entrepreneur by bonding with other organic growers to make Abundant Harvest Organics available far and wide, fresh from the farm(s) every week.

I made it a point to bring my tape recorder that day.  Here are some of Ed’s comments made while visiting Vernon’s family farm:

“This is the original American idea!  This is America… individuals taking care of their own business and having the ability and ingenuity to create things and exploit their own abilities to achieve independence.  Not only that, when we talk about the organics movement, it is thanks to God it is growing in this nation, and right now you can almost call it exponential.  When you read Acres USA, you really get the idea that, hey, people are catching on!  And we will eventually wake up to the fact that all we have received from institutions of higher learning is nothing but a bunch of falsehood and total misdirection which are now starting to create havoc with our soils, our crops, our health and our society.  We must understand that we have to get back to the soil — and HEAL IT — before we can heal anything else, because that’s where the corruption started and that’s where the healing will occur.” 

~ Ed De Boer

Ed De Boer, left, with Vernon Peterson, 9/25/08. Photo by Walter Stormont