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About Mistakes

Saturday, April 17th, 2010

By Ed De Boer

(June 2003)

None of us is above making mistakes. It’s part of our humanity. The good part about making mistakes is that you can learn from them so you don’t go down that path again. Some of us have taken that to heart and mended our ways by seeking counsel from wise men, or even reaching higher to the only Source which cannot make a mistake. By consulting the Book of Rules for Life, we can learn how to live life successfully.

To some people, success is money. Well, there’s a lot of stuff around called “money,” but it’s merely paper and ink. The notes are all the same size, but the numbers printed on them vary from “One” to “1,000.” The one-dollar bill was the most used one — that was 45 years ago. Now it’s the twenty-dollar bill that is the most used. That’s because it takes a twenty to get what a one used to buy. We ought to correct that mistake and make the one buy what the twenty does. Don’t hold your breath!

We used to farm without pesticides and chemicals. Now we’re using them more every year. Why? Because the insects have become much more plentiful. For some reason they don’t like to be killed, and they have devised ways to outsmart the poison pantry of our brilliant scientists. It seems that after some 50 years, the scientists finally noticed that what they predicted then, in fact turned out to be exactly opposite of their dire prophecy. It is awfully hard, when you’re so smart, to admit that you’re stupid. Not only that, to admit that you were stupid then and 50 years later you’re still stupid. So, what to do now?

Well, you simply have another one of your brilliant brainstorms to cover up the first colossal blunder. You come up with “genetic engineering” to achieve the results that evaded you for 50 long years. Now you’ve found the way — the wave of the future — through genetic manipulation, so the weeds, the insects and all the disease will be completely eliminated. You’re going to save humanity again like you said you would some 50 years ago, save them from starvation by killing the bugs and the weeds.

Well, the bugs have multiplied 50 times, the damage they cause is up to 40 percent of the total crop, and we’re choking on surpluses, while people are dying like rats from the miracles of the poison pantry you so ably developed. This time you can patent your genetically engineered “Frankenplants” and make money like never before! It will be a biotech boom, but there will always be a bust behind it.

Hey, all you scientists… I hate to foul you up, but I’ve been getting by without help from your poison pantry. The bugs don’t bother me. Aphids, weevils, glassy-wing, white fly or whatever bug that’s bugging you, is invited to my yard to sit at my table and eat to their hearts’ content, for I went to a different Source, which told me how to be bug-free. But you don’t believe that… you want to test my theory and make sure you’ll muck it up so you can say, “It doesn’t work.”

That’s been standard procedure in the past with any and all government entities, and that is the cause of our national decline in soil health, crop health, animal health and human health. They, the bureaucrats, have bought into a false and mistaken premise and refuse to abandon it for fear of admitting their aggregate stupidity and the prospect of loss of employment.

It takes courage to admit being wrong, and that’s what is lacking these days, especially in those who are looking for job security and suffer from lack of conviction. They keep singing in unison, but there are a lot of sour notes in that tune. Someday it will blow up in their faces, when a majority of citizens learn the Truth and decide that enough is too much, and that we can trash the Department of Agriculture as well as the chemical industry producing all the poisons that are polluting and destroying our environment. And kiss genetic engineering goodbye before it does it to us. That will be the time when we can breathe again and see the distant mountains again, since the chemical haze will be no more. Then, God will bless America and forgive their sin and heal their land and heal all their diseases, and we shall make war no more.

Thomas Jefferson once said, “The government that governs least, governs best.” Today’s government has become parasitic. It is bleeding the taxpayer who, by now, is seriously financially anemic, causing the economy to be seriously anemic. In the end, the parasite will kill the host and die in the process.

This whole government structure is built to attempt to solve the problems which are coming our way with increasing speed and numbers. The government keeps establishing committees and entities in an attempt to bring about a turnaround, but alas, the parasites keep growing and multiplying while the economy is collapsing. To paraphrase Winston Churchill, “You can trust the government to do the right thing, once they have exhausted all other means.” It is all with the best of intentions, but the road to hell is paved with those. You cannot win the game if you don’t play by the rules.