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Look to the Animals

Monday, May 17th, 2010

By Ed De Boer

(From June 2003)

Man’s perverse genius has brought us many things that were supposed to alleviate human suffering, improve human health and bring us overall prosperity.  Well, what did we wind up with?  Multiple problems, disease and more poverty!

“When man’s science exceeds his sense,
his ignorance will destroy him.”

~ Oriental proverb

“Trust in the Lord with all thine heart,
and lean not unto thine own understanding.”

~ Proverbs 3:5

She said, “Those poor animals… they can’t talk, they can’t tell you what’s wrong.”  He replied, “They can’t lie, either.”

The animals can’t talk, but somehow they understand.  People can talk, but most don’t understand.

The animal is more tuned in to nature, whereas man has abandoned nature.  Man thinks he has found a better way, but history is replete with the stupidity of man, and history keeps repeating for him.  However, consider the domesticated animals.  They manage to absorb some of man’s stupidity and suffer the consequences by losing their survival skills like man.  Observed in the wild, animals are constantly on guard… in groups there are always those that stand guard.  They sound the alarm when danger lurks.  When alone, they incessantly raise their heads while feeding to watch for the possible surprise attack by a predator.

One thing the animals have over us is that they don’t have a king, a president or a congress!  No wonder!  The animals have to exercise personal responsibility.  If they don’t, they’re dinner.  It’s the law of nature, “survival of the fittest.”  We might try to go back to that, however, the undertakers might be quite busy for a while.

We take pride in our independence.  But let the lights go out and the gas fail, and the grocery store not have the groceries… then some of us will find out how independent we really are.  It would be sheer panic for city dwellers, but for country folk it would be a mere inconvenience.  One thing is certain: we’d sure get to understand the true meaning of independence, which would bring us back to Earth as a nation and make us realize that our freedoms do not come from the government but are a gift from the God who created us and wants us to enjoy His creation, not foul it up.

Look to the animals, and learn.